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About Us

The Rossmoor / Los Alamitos Area Sewer District was founded in 1952 to provide wastewater collection and disposal in West Orange County. It is one of the area's oldest.

cal governments. At the time, the community of Los Alamitos was unincorporated. The lack of a sewage collection system and local septic tank failures caused serious problems for residents and restricted development. A method had to be found to provide a public wastewater collection and disposal system.

By 1952, citizens in the area voted overwhelmingly in favor of bonds for construction of an adequate sewer system to replace the outdated septic tanks. Agreements were reached with other agencies to receive the Los Alamitos wastewater and treat it.

Major annexations made in 1954 and 1960 added the Rossmoor residential development

and the nearby Naval base.

Today the District services over 8,000 sewer connections. The 54-mile system covers over 4,000 acres and consists of pipelines ranging from 8-18 inches in diameter, installed along the public right-of-way. Major trunks run along Foster Road, Los Alamitos Boulevard, and Katella Avenue. The system discharges into the Orange County Sanitation District for treatment.